Knowing your self worth

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Self worth is something most women have a hard time discovering or taking ownership of. A lot of times we as women are so heavily invested in loving, nurturing, providing, supporting etc. someone else that we often times fail to love ourselves. I struggled with this for sometime. I often would nurture and help cultivate other peoples dreams, reality, aspirations, goals etc. but it often left me in the dark and I found myself being envious of the very same people I helped to get to where they are and often times found that they surpassed me. I had to remind myself that life is NOT a race.

I had to remember that I have the ability to help people and although that is a excellent tool, I had to determined how much I was willing to give. I had to establish some healthy boundaries for myself. I realized that I was no longer going to allow people to drain me. I no longer wanted to feel empty. In other words, I have a ultimate desire to pour into people but I did not take the space to free myself from them; instead I continued to be used and misused for lack of better words. I gave people the permission to treat however, they chose to. I taught them that it was ok. I carried persons that I was only supposed to help in the moment not carry them for a lifetime.

I finally took ownership of my part. I looked at the pattern I created, that I would no longer help with a bear hug but rather I would just extend a arm to help. I decided that I could provide what was needed to help and create a healthy boundary for me to move on. I finally got the message after god knows how many years. I finally got to a point where I had to reevaluate relationships I had with men and women, I had to determine my level of comfort in various situations and appropriately address my level of discomfort, I had to learn to say no and stick to my decision, I had to learn to value what is important to me also. I started to work on myself and really take the time out to figure out who I am and who I want to be, what level I wanted to reach and the journey to how I wanted to get there. I gave myself a standard and took desperation off the table. I finally found my self worth.

I challenge you today to look at the unhealthy boundaries you have created with yourself and with people. Take today and make a promise that you will no longer live in the pattern you have created. STOP IT and make a decision today to do something different.

Until we chat again..

Yours Truly,

Confessions of a Insecure Woman

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