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You know its so funny that the image we often put out is not always reflected on how we feel on the inside. More than not most of us put masks on. A mask for home, a mask for work, a mask for friends, a mask for significant others, a mask for our parents, a mask for our children. Danggggggg the list goes on and on! The fact is we as women have to change masks to be what others need on a daily basis. But the true reality is while we are busy putting on masks for others, we don't know what we need.

Think about it.... In a day how many masks are you having to interchange? How many times are you finding yourself more exhausted then not specifically because you aren't able to turn off and just be you. We pretend to be strong when we are weak. We pretend to be in control when we are lost. We pretend to be happy when in fact we are sad. We pretend to be fulfilled when in fact we are lacking. It is a vicious cycle but we do it everyday.

Can you imagine you as a mother, not being cheerful, supportive or available. Can you imagine being a wife and not being on point for your partner's needs. Can you imagine being leader and not working at your expected potential. It is absolutely exhausting. No one expects we as women to take any days off! It is overwhelming to know that as long as I am expected to put my happiness aside and allow others around me to have happiness, everything is ok. Well my dear sisters... That day has come to past. It is well overdue to set healthy boundaries in personal/otherwise relationships ladies.

When you start investing in YOU, YOU are able to achieve the happiness YOU deserve. I discovered that when I am able to take care of me; I am a much better woman. It also is important to recognize that if you aren't together, you truly cant be any good for anyone else. Although wearing masks is a familiar task we do everyday it cant be as effective when you aren't where you wan to be. I challenge you ladies, spend time to discover who you want the world to see but more importantly who you want to see when you wake up, get dress, engage with family, engage with co-workers, church members, or fellow mothers. Be COMFORTABLE in your own skin and remember there is no one like YOU.

Until we Chat again

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Confessions of a Insecure Woman

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