Was my purse worth the change I got in return

How many times have we made the decision to give away freely our purse only to find that the person we gave our gift away to freely was a waste of time. I mean if your like me giving my time away is damage enough.. but my precious purse now that is a hard pill to swallow. When I think about the change I got in return I think about how I didn't know my worth and I got exactly what I put out there.

I valued me and my body as a dollar bill and had the nerve to expect more then just pennies in return. Why? What did he really have to do to win the prize? Queens remember you teach people how to treat you! When your lower your standard and when your purse is freely given it doesn't warrant much in return. If they cant see you as louis Vuitton bag and they refer to you as a knock bag then don't waste your precious purse/time.

Raise the bar for you and your precious gift but most importantly remember that when you have a standard people only have one choice and that is to rise to the occasion. Better yet think about how clearly you are able to see without giving away the cookie. How you don't miss all the lies or the stuff ain't adding up right thoughts. Or his crooked teeth, bad breath or criminal record. Its not a mystery when you stop devaluing your purse, only then can you stop attracting the knock off.

Queens don't forget what your value is and what it is worth.

Until we chat again,

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