The LIE I chose not to SEE

It is amazing what we do as people. We can literally retrain our minds to believe the unbelievable and to make what isn't! This is a all to common problem for many of us. How many times have you became intimate(not just sexually) but had a very close relationship if you will with people and see obvious things that should make you RUN! Its almost like the writing is on the wall but we find a eraser to remove the writing. The reality is sitting right in front of us but we take a different direction. The red warning sign is there but we turn it to pink. We are something else! I laugh at this lesson because the harsh reality is when we change the obvious our hearts should just prepare for destitute pain.

I mean the pain that is unbearable, how did I get here pain, I cant believe I did this pain... But this was avoidable. Honestly I think we as people enjoy the microwave instant feeling of gratification and quickly CHOOSE not to think about the long suffering that is heading our way. The married man, the cheating boyfriend, the situationship, the broke friend, the broken friend, the mentality unstable companion.... The writing, the signs, the big RED paint is on the wall.

I started to think is there something wrong with me ? How is it that I cant seem to get enough of the same lesson? I mean I think having two degrees, certificates, etc. would give me some insight. But I soon learned that the mind and the heart don't connect. Yes it is true.. your mind will tell you "girl that aint it, they aint the one, leave that bee, their lying, you know that does not make sense" but this silly heart we have will excuse, change, look at many things very differently.

The matters of the heart ! Whew Chile!! It should be called the pain of the heart, the set up of the heart, the foolishness of the heart! Nonetheless.. I digress!! Moving forward when your seeing things that aren't adding up, people that aren't clear on their intentions, the obvious lie! Challenge yourself to step back and reevaluate your worth. Reevaluate your heartache that you have experienced before when you overlooked, by passed and often decided to forget the obvious warning signs. Remember your value and worth but most importantly remember that the heart should not have the final say. Wise up and stop looking pass what your natural eye sees. Start paying close attention to what your mind clearly identifies and never look back... because following the heart can truly be disastrous!

Until we chat again,

Confessions of a Insecure Woman!!

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