The Curse

Hold up, wait a minute... is it me or am I cursed? I cant get what this could be but I literally attract the same loser in a different suit, in a different setting, on a different day... HELL just different! but all the same. I mean really what is it about me that I continuously attract the same bum in a different disguise.

I literally started to question my outward appearance, my body language, my conversation, my energy, and my look. I had to really take sometime to look at this.. I came to the conclusion that it isn't these things at all.. nope it wasn't.. It was in fact my confidence. I didn't have any. I didn't have self-confidence which resonated in my standard. I didn't have standard.

In other words, the same loser felt comfortable with me because behind the makeup, fashionable clothes, fly hair, and beautiful smile, I literally present with NO STANDARD. Dang if I think about it a person begging for change on the street could approach me and he would feel comfortable in doing it. This is a serious issue! If I don't elevate my confidence I cant and wont appear to have a standard.

Ladies think about this for a minute and ask yourself, in the last relationships I have had have the men been any different? What are you attracting? Is this person anything worth your time, energy or happiness? Are you happy or just comfortable? Can you imagine yourself with this person for a lifetime? Is this person pouring into you to help you grow? If your answers aren't matching up its time to reevaluate. Standards are so important to have; its literally a protective factor for you. It offsets the bull crap that tries to come your way. It holds you accountable. It keeps you level headed and helps you to be reminded of how GREAT you are. Ladies... I want to make this clear... GET A STANDARD... stick to it and never sway. You are so worth everything you want and more. Don't forget how wonderful you are and most importantly don't let anyone else lose sight of WHAT AND WHO YOU ARE!!

Until we chat again,

Confessions of a Insecure Woman




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