Who AM I????

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Have you ever woke up and realized you don't know who you are? Like seriously where did the last thirty something years go? Wait when did I wake up here? Hold up why am I in this loveless marriage/relationship? This one sided friendship? Why am I still seeking validation? Particularly from the people who aren't doing half of what they should be doing.. like who made them God? Why am I still doing the same thing and expecting different results? How many of us have had that aha moment to only realize that we haven't reached our full potential. Its almost like an awakening just happened when you reach this moment.

I have had this awakening moment and I literally had to purge my so called friends, my no good men, my phony co-worker friends, college buddies etc. I had to realize that I am not living my potential. I am not where I should be. I needed that uninterrupted time to focus on my goals, not those goals you make every new year(lose weight, save blah, blah. blah) but literally where do I want to be in the next couple of months? How am I going to get there? If I were to leave this planet today... really what could I say, I saved for the rainy day? I worked really hard? I paid my bills? Ok that is great and all but I want to leave a true legacy. I wanna live and feel accomplished on another level.

I decided to take sometime to get to know me. I had to figure out what I really liked. I had to get use to the quiet uninterrupted moments, I had to find my own validation. I needed to figure out what love looked like to me. I had to enjoy looking at my body. I had to get in tune with me and although I thought I knew what and who I am.. I really didn't have a clue. Now that was the scary part. I challenge all of my wonderful readers to take sometime and get to know who you are uninterrupted moments to be alone and learn who you are. Take time to enjoy your imperfections, let your hair down, remove the lashes, makeup, and girlfriends(wigs)!!

Journal what is new and journal at this point where you want to see you going. Keep this to yourself. I have learned on my journey of self discovery that moving silent is all the confirmation I need. SO GET TO KNOW YOU , IT WILL BE THE BEST DECISION YOU MAKE!!

Yours Truly,

Confessions of an insecure woman!

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