New Level New Devil

Ugh, I use to depise getting to a new level, it seemed as if each time I had victory.. drama, mess, something unfolded. I literally would almost despise elevating because i knew the inevitable would come shortly after. I almost wanted to stay quiet and not bask in my elevation. Until I woke up. Yes life has a funny way of making you feel like if you reach to the skies, there is a automatic target on your back. The bad part is the arrows typically stem from those most intimate to us.

Think about it for a second.... I'll wait, lol! The haters are normally your co-worker buddies, your girlfriends, your family, your significant other and the list goes on and on. The fact of the matter is when you reach a new level there is always a new devil.

I have learned that growth is just that growth! There is honestly no way you can appreciate where you are if you dont have challenges along the way. Sounds crazy I know but think about it, each time you have elevated there was a lesson. I can honetly say that each time I have been elevated I have encountered some things that have forced me to sharpen my skill set, my intuition, or my discernment.

I am no longer afraid of reaching new levels because I now can see the benefit in every situation where I was elevated and mess came with the elevation. Yes.. lets agreed those experiences are often challenging to go through and makes you want to walk away from the very things that have taken you higher, but if we knew the end result to each challenge we faced we wouldnt learn or grow. Ladies think about a situation you are in or have experienced. Ask yourself, where were/are the hidden jewels? In other words where were/are the lessons... When you have a different perspective on what your going through, you can modify your reactions. But most importantly remember when you elevate so will the hate..

Until we chat again,

Confessions of a Insecure Woman!!!


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