Never Look Back Twice

I have had some serious life lessons. Lessons that have caused me pain and lessons that made me never ever want to look back twice. I have had lessons, in finances, friends(appearing to be), and men(that were full of crap). I have looked at how I approached the situations, the things I chose not to see and what my motive was in this mess I allowed or created.

To tell you the truth, seeing where my fault was.. hurts, its really just plain old painful. I often hated how I became connected to terrible, awful, competitive, nasty, rude, spiteful, insecure, troublesome, lying crazy people! The characteristics I hate the most in people, I would often attract.. I would often time question myself, but I did not know the questions to seriously ask. I found fault in those that I was connected to with these characteristics instead of really examining myself and seeing what I added.

The truth of the matter is.. I was welcoming crazy into my life, I saw the broken, the confused, the foolishness and thought I could help! I thought that I could share some good cheer, I was heavily fixated on fixing and repairing, I saw red flags and looked the other way, I accepted things that I wasn't ok with and looked at how or what I was gaining in the relationship. I never thought of what I was doing as a bad thing.. but all the while I was attracting crazy.

How many times, have you attracted people that aren't on the same caliber? I mean really think about it, the friend that isn't professionally driven as you, the man that isn't financially stable, the friend who conveniently lies, the friend that is jealous, the man that isn't motivated and the list goes on and on. It is those that we willingly connect to for whatever reason and it goes south. Its not them pudding, its YOU!

I realized I love relationships, I love being connected to good people. I often don't just based people on what kind of car, job, clothing, savings amount they have. Why you ask because I often believe that people can add to your life in any capacity..... however, I found in doing that I am not having a standard for myself in intimate relationships and this is how I often get connected to crazy.

Queens, take one final look back at those not so great relationships. Look at what went wrong, look at the pain you felt, the anger or frustration you had, the time you wasted, the money you spent, the happiness you sacrificed and also look at what you added to those not so great relationships. When you finish Queens, decide to NEVER repeat the same bad choice twice.. But most importantly dust yourself off, pick yourself up, SET A STANDARD, and never look back twice.

Until we chat again,

Confessions of a Insecure Woman




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