Living in Darkness

There are days that are overcome with darkness. It’s those days where, your relationship fails, you’re having difficulty on your job, you are plague with sickness, your children are being targeted, your finances are close to being depleted, your friendship circle is unavailable and to top it off you can’t remember when it was a good day.

Darkness seems to come in an abundance on special holidays, when it rains, a song, familiar place, or in your down season. It often feels like a never-ending journey. It is tiresome, overwhelming and more than not you want to give up. I can recall those days where I felt all those things and couldn’t see or imagine the light of day. I felt like I was alone, and no one could fathom what I was going through. I remember the days where the money appeared to always be short, my expenses were never ending, I didn’t want to smile, I walked around showing exactly how I felt on the inside. My faith wavered and I couldn’t see the lesson... but to be perfectly honest I just didn’t want too! Oh, but how I got over!!

I had to remember that even in my darkness there was light. The light came in the form of a stranger, old friend, new friend, a praying mother and the lesson that I gained while in the darkness. I had to be reminded that until I got the lesson I couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to see the light. I had to also remember that GOOD OR BAD nothing lasts forever! and because of that I had my hope restored.

If you are currently in a dark place, if you are unable to see the light hang in there and remember two things 1. There is a lesson within the darkness that can and will propel you into the next chapter of your life's journey 2. Good or Bad nothing lasts forever. Lift your head up Queen, straighten your crown and know that better days are coming!!

Until we chat again,

Confessions of a Insecure Woman!!!



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