Letting out a good cry!

I literally hate when people say, "dont cry you going be alright". No, in fact I am going to be just the opposite. Crying is a good release. It cleanses the soul. It helps you express your emotions in ways that words cant express. So why not have a good cry?

What exactly are we looking to gain when we refuse to release our emotions? In the past I literally struggled with the idea that if I cried, it showed that I was weak. Uh no! Uh heck no! It is true many of us struggle to release. In most cases crying, we would prefer to do it privately or not at all; sad to say that when you refuse to release naturally you often times manifest that "cry" or emotional release into anger or bitterness. Whew, Chile and that is a danger zone for many of us!

What is really the deal with expressing your emotions in a healthy way? Ask yourself, "why am I denying myself to feel?". Queens please remember the next time you resist the urge to cry, that your human and crying is a normal healthy reaction.. It is so normal that God gave everyone tears! When is the last time you really I mean really released from heartache, being decieved, being overlooked, laughed at, cheated on, lied too, feeling overwhelmed, broke, brokened, picked on or bullied?

Ladies give yourself permission to feel and grieve. Yes Yes Yes it is true, we often have to be superwoman and there is no room for the weak but being strong because strong is our only option can materalize into other demensions of our life, which can ultimately cause more damange then what we were intending. When your a mother, caretaker, leader etc. there is simply no room for crying.. in fact we are often being the shoulder or emotional support for everyone else......but today is the day where YOU can say enough is enough.. Live in your moment, whatever that looks like for you and dont let the ideal of being strong get in your way. Get a glass of wine, milk, tea or juice, snuggle up with a journal, have a good cry and release everything that is holding you captive. IT IS TIME LADIES.. IN FACT IT IS WELL OVER DUE!

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