Leaving old wounds behind in 2021

Updated: Jan 12

I love the start of a new year!! It gives me renewed hope that everything I experience prior can be reset and I can decide to move much differently. However, as the excitement dies down old habits creep back in, the thrill of a new you fades and the effort to be different is no longer there.

This is a all too common feeling we as women experience. Think about what goals have you written down in prior years and proclaimed to work towards but life gets in the way and it just doesnt happen. Troubled with this.. I decided to gain insight as to why this is a common trend for most women. Here's what I found, we as women dont specifically identify what we are trying to acheive. We need to be specific, we also need to be real... Hunny if you are not active now... lets try to ease into being active and create a reachable goal.

We also like microwave results in everything.. Here's just somethings to take note on.. When making a goal be realistic, if being healthier is a goal for yourself but you were not consistent in your efforts before, make a goal to reduce how often you eat out, how much junk food you buy, ex-nay soda's, fruit juices or carbs and increase your water. You can also decide to stop eating after a certain time but please dont commit to things that you are just not willing to do. It creates a overwhelming feeling of failure.

I would also recommend goals that are more focused on repairing your insides. This is actually one of the hardest goals for women to truly achieve. Learn how to free yourself from the baggage you carry on a consistent basis. Learn how to say no, learn when you need to take a mental health day, turn off YOUR PHONE for a hour.. I promise you life wont end, connect to a spiritual being, meditate, take walks, start journaling(dumping system), plan a trip or even a day trip, go to the beach, buy a new dress, get your hair done on a consistent basis, take yourself out to eat, buy yourself roses, dont take on more than you can handle, stop trying to be a savior, decide what people or groups you need to disconnect from.. But most importantly make a real commitment to yourself...because whether you know it or not your deserving of happiness.

In 2022 decide to know your worth and then add change to it.

Until we chat again,

Confessions of a Insecure Woman!!


P.S. life coaching services are available. Want to know what all the fuss is about? message me and lets connect!!!

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