It Doesn't Matter What you Change on the Outside.. If you Wont Change YOU

This is one of my constant battles. I am a licensed beautician, beauty, fashion, being lit its my go to! I love reinventing myself! It is how I sell my business of beauty and it keeps people guessing, which of course keeps me as a hot topic. Yep I said it... A hot topic.

As much as I like to reinvent myself I realized that I worked to feel beautiful on the outside but still I was unhappy, broken, confused, insecure, and disappointed on the inside. How is it that I would have the euphoric feeling exude on the outside and couldn't reach that not even close to that on the inside.

The truth is... I couldn't and wouldn't look at me as a naked canvas. In other words, I was busy putting on a show for people to enjoy but once the show was over I never looked at the real me.. unfiltered, not dolled up, not dressed, not with one of my girlfriends on my head(lol) just me in my own natural skin, natural hair, flaws and all.

This is a common issue. We as women set this unprecedented standard to mock unreal characters. We actually compare, size up or immolate what beauty is on the big screen, within our girlfriend circles, with our friendnemies at work, family etc. Many of us compare someone's middle/end with our beginnings.

Queens if we don't reboot the inside, enjoy our own natural beauty and value our imperfections, we will soon realize that the woman we dress the world to see is truly NOTHING like the woman inside. I challenge you to live in your truth. I challenge you to take off the falsities and remember what your natural beauty looks like. Its funny in the pandemic we had to learn to do without so many things that we rely on to keep the image we want to portray alive. Many of us including myself, had to see the REAL woman that was hiding under the adornments of girlfriends on our heads, nails, lashes, beautiful clothes, shoes etc. We had to wake up and were force to only look at ourselves in our natural state!!

I laugh because this was challenging for everyone Chile! I mean I was really beginning to look like uncle fester in a wig!!! It was bad. However, as time went on I started to enjoy my skin, my eyes, my full lips, my body without the shapewear etc. This was no mistake by a long shot. COVID-19 has been a wake up call for so many. We have had to rethink how we invest our money on frivolous things to beautify our temples that are already naturally beautiful without the additions.

I challenge you today, to look at yourself without the makeup, the lips, the girlfriends on your head, the lashes, without the fashion forward clothes and shoes.. just take some time and get naked literally and figuratively... Decide that once a week or twice a week that you will be bare skin, no lashes, no dolled up clothes, no girlfriends on your head. Look in the mirror, tell yourself what you love about you as you are and stay bare all day. Start to reevaluate your standards of beauty and love the authentic you not the dressed up you. This is something you will enjoy. As you begin to change your lens of what beauty looks like you can start to appreciate you without the extras. This is where you will begin to find happiness within yourself as you are NO MATTER how the outside appears.

Until we chat again,

Confessions of a Insecure Woman

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