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Ugh, this is my biggest pet peeeeeeeeve! Something happens in my life and you act like your legitimately concerned with my well being... only for me to find out that your full of crap, your talking crap, and you aint worth crap! Ugh it drives me insane...

If you are a friend, then be a friend, if you are concerned, then be concerned.. But dont please dont be a snake in the grass and think I wont come for that a&$! It Amazes me that the people you are most intimate with really show you what their real intentions are or have been when tragedy strikes. Disappointing I must say. Especially when I as many people do have this thing called trust, loyality, the honor system you know that thing that makes you a really good person.

When I think about my life and my lifes story, I often think about how I have tried to be a open and honest person particularly with people whom I considered a "friend"; however, the painful lesson that I have learned time and time again is the word "friend" has to be used very cautiously. Even in my weakest most vulnerable times, I have had to caution my true self and remember, that I am only as good to some people as long as the water cooler talk can continue at my expense.

For those that have no decorum, I ask what is you motivation to cause another person so much pain? And then the light bulb went off for me.... You have no soul. Your are empty and are fueled by other peoples tragedies. Whelp!! that did it for me.... I dont have to and will no longer be accessible in that way. Nope!! One thing I can hold on to is knowing that I dont need a alignment with "friends" when I go through, I only need to align with the only source that will carry me through "GOD" . Queens be reminded that you did not come into this world as a conjoined twin but rather you came into this world as a individual, you had to grow up, learn, fight, and stand on your own not with a friend.. just you. Move different, choose wisely, share differently but remember most of all there is NOTHING YOU CANT DO!

Until we meet again,

Confessions of a Insecure Woman!!

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