Impulsive or just plain stupid?

Ladies when is enough..enough? When do we get the message that nothing worth having comes easy... How many times do the red fire flags have to appear before we figure out that being impulsive is not an option. This is often a sign of desperation. For most being impulsive is supposed to = living life but in reality being impulsive has left many of us with broken hearts, disappointments and failed mindsets.

Yes it is true! Each time something is done impulsively the decision often times lack insight and judgement. In other words after we have done something impulsive(sex, job moves, relationships, live-in lovers, sleeping with somebody husband, letting him drive your car with no license, and dating the handyman that we know don't hardly have any repairs outside of the work in our home) we find ourselves sitting back singing our shoulda, coulda, wouldas!!

We all have been there once, twice, three times over. We as woman decide that a half of loaf is better than none. We actually believe that this time being impulsive may work. We tell ourselves convincing stories like "I am living for me, this is me taking control of my life, I am going to enjoy life and live freely" Girl Bang!!! Those falsities are set ups for disaster. Again anything worth having doesn't come easy. One of the biggest challenges we face as people and specifically women is we actually put timelines on what God can do. Impulsivity is a recipe for disaster. Believing that you cant have the desires of your heart is a recipe for disaster and most importantly deciding that life is a rat race instead of a journey is a recipe for disaster. One of the biggest lessons I learned is to stop comparing my start with someone else's middle.

When you find yourselves becoming overly anxious, inpatient or even in desperation remind yourself that when its your time... it will be YOUR time. Every desire that you are hopeful for can be fulfilled in due season. Instead of being impulsive in nature trust the process and know that you will reap the benefits!!

Until we chat again,

Confessions of a Insecure Woman!

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