I made you but she reaps the fringe benefits

Its true ladies we see how much repair men need a mile away but we make a conscience choice to look pass that and take the time to build the MESS into a MASTERPIECE. Oh and lets not forget after we have cleaned them up, shined them bright, renewed their mindset; the men we once knew are no longer the same man. He is new, he is different and he is reminding you minute by minute that he can do without you. Yes ladies I am talking about investing in mess, fixing the flaws, repairing and building up the broken. We do this all to often and all to often they forget what they were and who helped them to RISE to the occasion. Its funny because the mess you made a masterpiece grows a bit of self-esteem and decides that he can do better.

Well I say to him... don't forget where you came from. I built you!! Now look at you taking the lessons I taught you and giving her the royal treatment. I am not bitter no.... but I deserve a thank you. Recognition will do.. I want you to remember where you came from when I met you. I dust you off and made you new. How could you think that it was all you. Nooooo sir indeed.. It was my dedication, my money, my time and my efforts that got you where you are.

To the woman that has the fringe benefits of my hard work. Your welcome too. My work here is done. She is having the experience of a real man and because of that my assignment is complete. But you helped me too; you showed me what I can not repeat. So I'll take this golden nugget and make myself anew because hunny this will be the last time I call myself a fool.

I challenge you to think back on times you have made a MESS a MASTERPIECE. How did you feel? what would you have changed? Was it worth you giving your all and getting nothing in return? If it doesn't make sense, take the step to start making choices that help you feel better. Dust yourself off, shine yourself bright and NEVER LOOK BACK! Get a new look, change your hair, change your outlook, but whatever you do NEVER LOOK BACK, you haven't lost anything that wasn't yours to begin with. Investments (changing messes into masterpieces) does not mean that was for you! The next time you see a mess... remember to run... Its just not worth it hun!!

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