I Am Not My Scars

Ugh this is such a touchy subject. How many of us have experienced hurt, pain and disappointment from love ones, intimate relationships, business relationships, etc. and seemingly find yourself not able to bounce back. Its almost as if you walk around with the bruise on a daily.

The power of LETTING GO is real. The power of FORGIVENESS is real. The unfortunate thing is that until we get rid of those scars they will continue to resurface. They will come out into new relationships, circumstances and intimate settings. It is the inevitable that the scars will be present even when we least expect it.

The process of healing is a vicious cycle and unproperly addressed the broken person you thought was whole will become easily unglued over and over again. I have faced this issue on many occasions, finding myself in new relationships with the same outcomes; fear of abandonment, fear of rejection, fear of unworthiness, fear of being unloved.

I found that in my journey of healing those scars have taken precedence over me and I haven't become the woman that I portray to be. When I decided to truly deal with me, to truly look at where I am challenged, broken and scarred I was able to get a better handle on relationships that I couldn't see how or why they weren't working. I saw the default in which I contributed. I actually understood why I would feel abandoned and why I moved the way I did to protect myself in those new relationships. I saw the feeling of inadequacy and how it came in like a force in so many different ways.

The funny thing is when you are tired and I really mean tired.... you get yourself together and begin to repair the scars that you have carried for over a century. The good thing is when you learn about the root of the scars it much more easier to work at repairing the scars. The root can stem from your mother, your father, siblings, traumatic relationships, being bullied, or even unsupported. These scars tend to lay dormant and the misconception of being ok is REAL.

Ladies I implore you to start looking at your scars. The scar of abandonment, the scar of worry, the scar of fear, the scar of inadequacy or the scar of rejection. When you discover the root write it down, process it, and decide that you are going to write a new script. Be deliberate in your actions, decide that today will be the last day you wear your scars. Today ladies decide that your scars will no longer take over your life again.

Until we chat again,

Confessions of a Insecure Woman

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