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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Today will be the last day you cry another tear, allow someone to rent free space in your mind, make you feel less than, or impart their insecurities on you. Today is the last day! We have all been there, a significant other, a friend and sometimes even a family member has made you feel like your best isn't good enough. WAIT a minute who crowned them King or Queen? When and how did they become soooooo perfect? It is easy to believe that everyone that appears to be so well put together is... but lets be real anyone can appear anyway they want too.

I have been there too... Its the hardest thing to identify when its become so common in your life. Today will be the last day that we take someone's "GREAT" opinion, suggestion or nugget and make it gold. Examine where you are.. Do you believe the person that has so much input helped you get there? If so what work did they put in to make YOU... YOU? It is easy to believe someone has taken a true interests in your wellbeing. It is even easier to believe that the person that has so much to say can be the lead you want to follow. But this is absolutely not true! Start to find the value in you. Look beyond your faults and find favor.

Be reminded that you are the only person that has walked in your shoes. Be reminded that when you have had life lessons good, bad or indifferent you had to face them on your own. Don't decide that you cant be the driver in your own seat. Don't allow yourself to be subjected to what everyone has to say. Remember how wonderful you are. Remember that even when you mess up, you have the ability to get up!

Never ever let defeat deter you from where you going. Make a plan and stick to it. Reason with yourself instead of having multiple listening ears. Be your own cheerleader or fan club. Decide how you can be in control of your own destiny. This thing called life was not meant to be easy, it comes with lets downs, disappointments, screw ups, heartache and pain. However don't forget that in these moments, your character was being built and that made YOU.. YOU. Stand in your mess but don't live there. Pull yourself together, dust yourself off and know that the same way you have failed is the same way you can SUCCEED. Most importantly remember a Delay is NOT a denial.

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Confessions of a Insecure Woman!

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