Girl Back Up

Listen, one thing I cant stand is a person that has no sense of self. No plan, no ideas, no purpose, no vision.... just no...

Take inventory ladies, who are you surrounding yourself with. What are their goals, can you help them? can they help you? or is this a leech? 2022 needs to be about healthy boundaries ladies. This includes but not limited to the workplace, home, intimate relationships, friendships, even with your children.

Boundaries are a healthy way to protect yourself. No one should be that consumed with you and likewise you shouldnt be that consumed with anyone either. Determine how far you are willing to go, how much you are willing to give and whats at stake everytime you give more than you want too. In other words learn how to say no, learn how to walk away, be clear with what you feel and what you expect, learn how to be ok with the decisions you make but most importantly never doubt your inital response it is almost always right.

When you give in and put your feelings aside, you are not being true to yourself but rather you are operating on false pretenses. It is always difficult to say no and its extremely hard not to be readily available to people in our lives; however, in all settings make a conscience choice to protect your peace. You deserve to be happy!!

Be clear, be honest, and most importantly implement those boundaries sis!!!!

Until we chat again,

Confessions of a Insecure Woman!!!


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