Broken Pieces

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

This is the moment where you look in the mirror and finally see that you are broken pieces. I mean as I think about all of the difficulty I have had in relationships personal or other.... I have actually come to realize that the relationships have failed or potentially went in the opposite direction because I am NOT COMPLETE. I look to people to fill my voids and imperfections. I haven't done the work to be whole. It is easy to think that your perfect and of course the issues weren't a direct reflection of you, oh no of course not!! But the true reality is until we are able to see how to heal those unfiltered feelings, emotional baggage, heart ache, trust issues, insecurities we all too often carry... those imperfections will soon dominate every part you that you believed was normal or at the least healed.

I started to notice that one of the biggest issues I had was entering into new relationships and replaying the same old song. I mean literally how is it that every man I selected was the same. The truth of the matter is.. they weren't all the same.. nope they weren't in fact it was me..I was exactly the same. The woman that left one relationship filled with hurt, another with pain, another with filled with lies and of course the one infiltrated with abuse was going from relationship to relationship with all of the that unresolved mess. I couldn't see passed my fleshly desires to be connected to someone anyone other than just being with myself. I did not take the time to mend my broken pieces. I did not know what real love looked like. I couldn't pick a better man because I didn't know what that even looked like.

How many of us sing the same song and expect different results? This isn't just a one woman problem this thing is universal. Once I figured out what was broken I started to do the work and I learned that the work is continuous. It is so easy to fall in the ugly trap of self defeat. Ladies if you want to see something different start taking the time to see what's broken and needs repair. Examine your difficulty to trust. Examine your difficulty in feeling inferior, jealous, or envious. Start taking inventory of how you can fix the same old habits, thoughts, or patterns to improve your quality of self worth, but more importantly so you can begin to value exactly who you are above all else.

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