Body Odor

Queens this has always been a touchy subject. We all have a variation of smells. One smell is our normal smell, another is a pre cycle smell, another is cycle smell, another is a sweaty smell, bad fish smell, asparagus smell oh and lets not forget you ain't change your panty liner smell, after sex smell, hell if he has bad breath smell left on your vjay smell! Ok I think I made my point.

They all add up to us not knowing how to consistently ensure our vjay is in check and healthy. The Vjay is a very sensitive area and almost anything can offset the ph balance. Queens lets be clear you are what you eat. If you know you have difficulty digesting certain foods, if your body responds to excessive eating of certain foods, do yourself a favor and lay off.. minimize how often you engage foods that just don't agree with your chemistry. Drink plenty of water and limit how much sweets you indulge in it gives an adverse effect and it ain't sweet.

Be careful on how many partners you engage with sexually, keep in mind that they are also carrying things that can impact the smell, health and wealth of your vjay! Change them pads, whew chile they leave odor. Queens shave! hair leaves odor. Check with your medical doctor if the odor persists or you have something strange going on insight. Don't delay not only are you hampering with your health but you are also exposing others you engage with to your odor. Be wise if it doesn't seem right check it out sooner rather than later.

I have used two amazing products and when I tell you they WORK THEY WORK. Vaginal vitamins! yes that is right this product is A. amazing and B. keeps the vjay odor free and very desirable ! The second product I would like to discuss is Goddess Detox , its a vaginal detox. I have utilized both and hunny let me tell you I am pleasantly pleased. I will provide the information below so that you can placed your order tuday!

Queens if nothing more remember that YOU matter! YOUR body matters, YOUR health matters... Don't wait to love on you !!!

Until we chat again!!!

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