After the comments were said is the relationship worth the REPAIR!!!

We all have been there... you are in a relationship, friendship or situationship and in the heat of a discussion words are said and sometimes they cut so deep, you question yourself is this person worth the repair? I literally ask myself like how do you come back from that? I often think about the old adage "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" like who lied, who said that was true... the scratch you have on your arm, you can put ointment on it and heal that... those words whew chile... they can cut like a sword!!!

I think the biggest misconception is people actually believe that words cant do just as much if not more damage. When the sorry's are said and the hugs are made, in the back of my mind when you said I am fat, a sore loser, bi2txh, selfish, mean, etc. that's really what you felt. I have learned that Anger and alcohol is the real truth serum. So the question remains is the relationship worth the repair, many of us look at years of the relationship, special moments or times and even the connection.. but is that enough when those words are said, comments are made, thoughts come to the surface and slap you in the face!!

I have often struggled with this because I am very hot or cold. Either I mess with you or I don't ..plain and simple! Sometimes I find it to be helpful but then I have to look at when I needed grace from a friend, lover or situational something or another. I often times thought of myself and my feelings instead of the entire picture. Queens if you have ever crossed this road... ask yourself is this relationship worth saving? Is this person worth keeping? Does their good outweigh the bad?

I challenge you Queens... take inventory of your relationships, friendships, or situationships.. decide what is the best for you! Don't wavier be clear... sometimes starting a new path without old shoes is just what you need to level up in life!!

Until we chat again,

Confessions of a Insecure Woman!!!



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